Consensual Storage

Vehicle Consensual Storage & Ancillary Services Authorization

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Vehicle Storage Location:(Required)
Consensual Storage Rate $98.00 per 24-hour period.
Tow to Public Access Fee $108.00
authorize Todisco Services Jnc. to consensually store my vehicle at the above rate from the date and time of the execution of this form. I also authorize the tow to public access fee if the service is required.
Under MGL, 255 39A, if the registered owner or persons in control of the motor vehicle consents the continued consensual storage of such motor vehicle, Todisco Services Inc. shall have lien thereon as provided in MGL 255 25. If the registered owner or persons in control of this vehicle fails to sgin the authorization form the vehicle shall continue to be stored at eh prevailing rates under MGL 255 39A.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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